Why does the Generation Y need tutoring:

Researchers and analysts caution against adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. And this is exactly where NewAgeTutors comes in and helps parents and teachers provide, one-on-one, online, private tutoring that helps students gain knowledge sufficient to compete amongst the Gen Y.

Research Suggests
1. Tutoring can be an effective way to boost the academic performance of low-achieving students.

2. Tutoring programs should have a strong diagnostic and prescriptive element to gauge success.

3. Trained individuals of various ages and education levels can be effective tutors.

4. Tutoring sessions should be evaluated continually.
Source: McREL, 2002


Beyond Academics
A program in Youngstown, Ohio, has shown promise in helping to improve both academics and behavior among adolescent African- American males enrolled in an alternative school. The program combined tutoring with group counseling and various enrichment activities. Upon program entry, each of the 33 study participants had been expelled or suspended from school at least once and had at least 20 discipline referrals during the previous year.

Beyond Academics
After two years in the program, however, attendance was up, discipline referrals were down, and there were no suspensions or expulsions. On average, basic skills improved by at least two grade levels. Appropriate assessment, individual learning plans, and tutoring were cited as critical to the program’s success. Source: Martin, Martin, Gibson, & Wilkins, 2007

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NewAgeTutors specializes in Inquiry Based Learning Techniques

Please read further to understand this highly effective teaching technique and help your child learn faster and more organically using his or her natural abilities!



Inquiry-based learning is rooted in the scientific method

of investigating phenomenon in a structured and methodical manner. Related to teaching and learning, it is an information-processing model that allows pupils to discover meaning and relevance to information through a series of steps that lead to a conclusion or reflection on the newly attained knowledge. In most cases, teachers use a “guided inquiry” method to facilitate the learning experience and structure the inquiry around specific goals of instruction. The benefits of inquiry-based learning include the development of critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving.

Principles of Inquiry-based Learning

The main components of inquiry-based learning include:

  • a question(s) related to the topic of inquiry to be explored (problem statement),
  • followed by an investigation and gathering of information related to the question (data collection),
  • continuing with a discussion of findings (analysis),
  • commencing with a reflection on what was learned (implications/conclusion).


  1. The first step in any inquiry is the formulation of a question or set of questions related to the topic of inquiry. The question can be posed by the teacher or by the pupil(s). Sometimes the question is referred to as a hypothesis or a problem statement.
  2. Once a question is posed, pupils are encouraged to investigate the topic by gathering information from sources that either the teacher provides or within learning resources or tools that are readily available to the pupils.
  3. When enough information related to the topic of inquiry is gathered, it is organized in categories or outlined by highlighting the important information relative to the topic. This helps the pupil make connections with new learning and prior learning.
  4. The information is discussed and analyzed for further understanding. The teacher can direct the discussion and highlight the implications that arise from the investigation and show how it relates to the solution of the problem.
  5. Conclusions are made and related back to the original question. Student reflections are encouraged and serve as a way to relate back to the inquiry and retrace the steps that led to the conclusion. This also serves to reinforce the model so that pupils can repeat the process in any problem-solving situation.

Tutoring Packages-College & K-12

Hourly: Choose among 5, 10 hour packages with 6 months validity. Monthly: Choose among 30, 60, 90 hour packages with 1,2,3 months validity respectively.

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Become a NewAgeTutor

Thank you for your interest in NewAgeTutors. The following section will give you an idea of how intensive our tutor training is and the value of being a NewAgeTutor. If you have any further questions, please email your queries to jobs@NewAgeTutors.com and we would be happy to answer them.
Please send us your resume to jobs@NewAgeTutors.com and we will take the process further.

Question You Might Have


1.You are currently hiring tutors for what subjects and grades?

NewAgeTutors is currently recruiting tutors for Math, English, Language Arts, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the Integrated Science streams. However, you can apply for other subjects also and we will get in touch with you in case we have a requirement at a future date.

Our tutoring covers all grades from the 1st grade to the undergraduate level. Most of our students are in high school with some in middle and elementary school also. We have vacancies across all grades and subjects.

2. Can it be done part-time and flexible hours?

Yes, we have openings for both part-time and full-time tutors. We are currently offering you the choice of working on a 3, 4 or 8 hour login (with 7 hours of teaching) a day. These hours are pre-scheduled and committed and cannot be done on a freelance or ad hoc basis. With prior notice, you can change the timings/subjects to suit your availability. For example, if you commit to 6 PM to 9 PM Eastern Standard Time in the US for 6 days a week, you need to be available for those hours on a regular basis.

3. What is the average session duration and do I get the same student every time?

Normally the sessions are of one hour duration. Usually for each subject, the student will get the same tutor. Only when the tutor is not available will we schedule the student with a different tutor. This ensures continuity for the student as well as the tutor and makes learning more effective.

4. What are the disadvantages or problems?

  1. Most of the teaching happens during evening/night time hours – US and UK timings on weekdays and during US/UK weekends.
  2. Tutoring is a serious activity and requires commitment. We do not have openings for ad hoc or floating tutors.

5. What are the minimum qualifications/Experience/Skills required?

We expect tutors to have a Master’s in their subject and some experience in teaching or tutoring. For certain grades and subjects a graduate degree in the subject and an additional degree in education also will be accepted. We may take exceptional candidates with a strong academic record, especially Engineers, as trainee tutors without prior teaching experience. Familiarity with computers and good English communication skills are mandatory.

6. What is the computer and connectivity I need to become a tutor?

  1. High speed Internet access (ISDN, DSL, a cable modem or faster connection)
  2. Windows PC with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  3. At least 256mb RAM, and a Pentium 3 or faster processor
  4. Speakers and a microphone (Or headset and microphone? Speakers tend to cause feedback.)
  5. Microsoft Word
  6. Digital Pen and Pad

7. What are the duties and responsibilities of a tutor?

  1. Understand the student’s needs and objectives
  2. Prepare a personalized learning program with the help of NewAgeTutors tools and resources
  3. Provide quality online tutoring to all students using all the tools and your own skills and knowledge
  4. Be abreast og NewAgeTutors policies and the code of conduct
  5. Participate in the NewAgeTutors training and development sessions
  6. Read and respond to all communication from NewAgeTutors
  7. Be available at the agreed times for sessions and inform in advance in case of any change in availability
  8. Work on build a world-class service offering with the NewAgeTutors team

8. What type of training will I receive?

You will receive training on computer usage, technology tools used for online tutoring, basics of online tutoring, communication skills, familiarization of NewAgeTutors content and methodology and the US/UK curriculum and syllabus for various grades. The duration will vary depending on the training needs but will typically span over 15 days covering 30 hours of work.

There will be trial sessions with our trainers and other tutors during the program.

There will be a certification and test at the end of the training program. Only those tutors who successfully complete the certification will be selected to tutor students. The certification test covers all aspects of training and full length trial sessions.

There is no charge or fees for training and certification.

9. What is the remuneration?

The remuneration will be a fixed monthly amount which varies based on experience as well as the number of hours you opt for. We offer competitive salaries. More details on our compensation will be provided once the application is submitted.

10. What are the next steps after I apply?

NewAgeTutors Selection Process

Please e-mail your resume to jobs@NewAgeTutors.com Our recruitment team will send you an introductory mail explaining the next steps and set up a date for a telephonic interview. Once you are selected, you will be enrolled for training and certification. On successful completion of the training and certification, you will then start tutoring students.